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How do colored rings relate to wind speed?

I want to play it in the old version. The current version is not working because it is not good. Can't I play it in the old version?

What the next tiers I am 8 is there a 9 What green men on the tiers

What’s the difference between Blue, Pink and Orange Clubs? Is one better than the other?

Playing with friends

How do you get the special balls they're advertising all the time?

I don’t know that’s why I asked in the first place


can you refuse to play a player without losing your entry fee if you are playing on a Chromebook, there are so many cheaters on here they need to be banned from playing like guest 371147 you need to look in the golf master 3d community group and you will see video of the cheats admin needs to sort this out and ban these players as they cheat and get hole in one then you lose your entry fee you should be able to refuse to play these cheats without losing your fee

I’ll bet they are not cheats, but video replays. Golf Clash records every game that is played. They got caught using those saved video replays as opponents for games. The problem is that they tend to use games that were a hole in one or very close. They can make it impossible for you to win. You may want to think twice about paying to play these games. I’m coming to find that most are corrupt and incorporate quirks during your shot so you miss. No one has control over online video games except for the producer or the game. They employ all sorts of tactics to make you pay. I will never pay anything for a game I have no control over. Most are scams.


why does the game kick me out when it's my shot playing for 300,000 points this has happened 5 times now I then lose a shot it happens when i have lined up my shot then i press strike it then kicks me out so i have to log back in

now that the game has a different setting with the monitor speed which seems to be faster the wind monitors that show wind speed are miles different from when you shoot i.e. if the arrow is pointing directly to you at say 5 you would hit past the hole but now if you do that the ball goes further and lands miles after the hole rather than before it help please. thanks

now that the game has a different setting with the monitor speed which seems to be faster the wind monitors that show wind speed are miles different from when you shoot i.e. if the arrow is pointing directly to you at say 5 you would hit past the hole but now if you do that the ball goes further and lands miles after the hole rather than before it help please. thanks

Whats the difference between red and green colors in club info

When comparing two clubs side by side the green shows which club has the edge in that particular ability, while red shows the reverse in the side by side.


Nobody knows out there?


Can I put clubs of choice in bag 2 ??? How do I do it? My bag 2 seems limited to the clubs in it by default

How do I change club in a game?


Yes. Simply do it just like original bag pretty simple.


tghrstyhr5t457 bv bxdcffg tbaerg


Choose bag two then go to equipment and shop.


What does it take to get promoted to the next level?



Lots of good and lucky play! Stay with it...


Does anyone have a link to what the clubs will be once you upgrade them so I don't waste coins on clubs?

Why do lower rated players get the bedrock club but I'm not able to get it? Sure makes game unfair when playing someone using this club.


Go to equipment and look over the clubs. There is a description of what it's capabilities are. Look it over before you buy it.


No I don't think they can tell us that


Why do some players get a longer distance on the same ball as i am using? Seems unfair

Because they have an upgraded club, you can earn club cards by opening the timed bags you get after winning a match after you have the required amount for each upgrade you can do so by spending some of your coins. Best clubs to try to have are Hercules level 8 and a Bedrock club level 6 and up


por que los palos no mejoran todos por igual , quizá tu mejora es de precisión y el de tu rival de distancia sean los dos del mismo nivel


It's the club. They all have different strengths and capabilities.


What is max cup

Look up "two girls one cup" on Google it will bring up a great demonstration video for you to reference


Above max cup at 4729


It means you’ve won the maximum number of trophies for that course.


Some people use a grid system which is definitely an advantage. Where can I download it?

How to use the grid system


Each square is equal to 1 windspeed just adjust to the opposite direction of the arrow


The inner aiming circle is either 5 or 10 yards depending on your course


Gilbert Guzman jr


Many of my ancestors lived in the past, yo!


How can up grade my clubs faster?

Want upgrade driver says i need 26 more 26 more what?how do I get


It means you need 26 more cards of that particular club


How do you turn off chats and emogis?

You press the chat button until it is switched of


What are best all round balls

Mine there huge


What does it take to get past the beginner level to novice

Finish top in beginner league by playing higher coins stake matches


Some golfers get intimidated by my shooting and they somehow prohit me from shooting until time runs out on my shot how r they doing it and what cn i do to stop them

They’re not prohibiting anything. You’re taking more than 60 seconds to line up your shot and hit the ball.


You sound like a Democrat. Want a participation trophy?


Haha. What a loser. Intimidated. Go back to school Tony


What are the club cards for?

What can I do with them


How can I create a new g olpher. I messed up picking. Novice level in a tournament and realize picking pro is how guys make the most money and almost guarantee staying in the top 80 position to retain your "title".

how do other players change drivers in the middle of game. i can't

you can only change your club bag once and it's before your first shot. you can also change it for the draw. just tap on the club bag icon above the ball icon and select your bag.


They are changing from bag 1 to bag 2 or vise versa but you can only do it before you have played your first shot.


Don't know how do u do it


I have this game on three different devices why is it when I'm smoking hot on one I can barely even play on the other ? T hey're all on or about the same level as well

How do you purposely fade or draw a shot?

After pulling the ball down for your shot. Swing left or right then release shot


why does it lock up sometimes at the greens so ican not move freely to line up my shot

The other player is cheating not alloying u to shoot i personally think its cowardly. Its only a game cheaters have the decency to loose its leaving a real bad feeling for playing this awsome game


How to caculate the wind impact on the ball using the coloured rings?

John golfer1949


How do you use the wind rings at the landing zone as a guide?

Wind chart please


What do the +/- 3 miles indicators mean when aiming your shot?

How to increase gem

How does one get a perfect shot everytime?

Is there a code to get a perfect shot every time.


Go into the setting then clear cache


By calling your mom


Practice more often


I don't know......


HOW DO I INPUT THESE??? ANDROID VERSION!!! Coins - nmgltrxntf Gems - 1solsfnj65

How to get the leauge money which shows after you play each gane

I don't know how to


What is the best information that we can give to players?

I agree about the timer panic! I started within a week of my first game just ignoring that annoying tick, tick, tick. I'd rather run my time out than rush my shot. Maybe the same immediate result but in the long term, it has served me well to ignore it.


How would you rate this application?

I like it very much with the exception of not being able to be creative by choosing any club I don’t like club restrictions


Too many times you get network lag and you can't do anything. Then time runs out and you lose a shot. it's not on my end. I have excellent Wi-Fi.


Do you know any tricks, hacks or codes?

Why cheat! It's just a game and you cheat yourself ! .learn Self respect


What is the best way to get resources quickly in the game/app?



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